Through Total Maintenance Plan the client gets complete true serenity and settled cost for the following 3 years. TMP enhances the re-deal estimation of the auto as the vehicle is kept up by approved Ford dealerships and the arrangement is transferable. The auto can likewise be overhauled at any Ford outlet the nation over. All repairs are done with just Ford honest to goodness parts.


  • Periodic Maintenance Services as per owner’s manual

  • Repairs arising out of electrical or mechanical failures

  • Wear and Tear Parts

  • Labour for all of the above jobs


  • Accident Repairs, Tyres and Fuel


  • Total Peace of Mind

  • Provides Non-stop coverage

  • One upfront payment only and Inflation protection from rising costs of parts and labour

  • Protection from manufacturing and material defects

  • Car can be repaired at any Ford outlet across the country

  • Unlimited number of claims ,No excesses to pay & No unexpected expenses or surprises

  • Can be transferred when vehicle is sold, better resale value of the car


Terms / Kms Figo Classic Fiesta EcoSport Endeavour
2 Years / 20,000 kms No No Yes Yes No
2 Years / 30,000 kms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Years / 40,000 kms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Years / 30,000 kms No Yes No Yes No
3 Years / 40,000 kms Yes Yes Yes Yes No
3 Years / 45,000 kms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Years / 50,000 kms No No Yes Yes No
3 Years / 60,000 kms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes